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The Working Principle of iSurface Touch Technology

Surface capacitive touch panels are often used in relatively large panels. Inside these panels, a transparent electrode film (electrode layer) is placed atop a glass substrate, covered by a protective cover. Electric voltage is applied to electrodes positioned in the four corners of the glass substrate, generating a uniform low-voltage electrical field across the entire panel. The coordinates of the position at which the finger touches the screen are identified by measuring the resulting changes in electrostatic capacity at the four corners of the panel.

surface capactive

While this type of capacitive touch panel has a simpler structure than a projected capacitive touch panel and for this reason offers lower cost, it is structurally difficult to detect contact at two or more points at the same time (multi-touch).

Completely flat touchscreens
High clarity and resolution
Drift-free operation
Durable and scratch-resistant
Sizes ranging from 10” to 42”
Sealable, anti-vandal, anti-glare optional
Easy to be integrated into monitors and other devices
Gaming/Amusement machines
Medical equipment
Automated cash dispenser
Financial field
Interactive Digital Signage
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