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he Working Principle of Projected Infrared Touch (PIT) Technology

Projected Infrared Touch technology (PIT) is a new type of infrared multi-touch technology. The infrared beams generated by emission diodes are reflected through a prism light-guide and transmitted across the front glass surface. The result is a near flat surface with a 2mm crystal border (edge bezel) surrounding the screen. Its entire touch surface can be made of any material and is touch-operable all the way to the edges. PIT accurately records touch positions and has achieved the Windows 8 LOGO certification.
Wide range of sizes from 18.5” to 42”
Pure glass with “edge bezel”
Excellent multi-touch performance
Unlimited touch styli types
No touch pressure required
High transparency and image quality
Anti-vandal optional and Perfect EMC
Microsoft Windows 8 LOGO certificated
All-in-One PC
Interactive digital signage
Self-service terminals
Gaming and amusement machines

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